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To All the Moms

Today, a mother will wake up with no one to hold. The child she should have never outlived waits for her in heaven. She will ache in a way no human should. The pain so palpable it’s consuming.

Today, a mother will wake up with no one to help her. Her “special day” never acknowledged because she is the only parent to raise her beautiful babies. There is no one sending the children into her room with breakfast in bed. She rises just as she does every other day, exhaustion her familiar friend. She won’t get flowers or food or time alone.

Today, a mother will wake up with a barren womb. Her very body created to carry little ones, but this world is a cruel place. She is sick at the thought of watching the celebration of this day with the familiar empty spot inside of her.

Today, a mother will wake up carrying a diagnosis that will leave her children without her. She has fought, but she will lose. Her heart is shattered, but she will show them only smiles and make all the memories her body will allow.

Today, a mother will wake up and be reminded before even opening her eyes that her child is nowhere that she knows. Lost somewhere to themself and to her. The pain a never ending reminder of what she has lost. A gnawing at her soul.

Today, a mother will wake up and go to work before her babies wake up. They will be in bed when she finishes her 12 hour shift. She sacrifices this day -her day- with her children to care for those she doesn’t even know. She has given her life to service, and days like today she struggles with her choice.

Today, a mother will wake up and miss her mom. She will see the people who get to still sit down and share a meal with theirs, and she will break a little bit on the inside.

Today, a mother will wake up and not speak to her mom. Their distance the safety she needs, but the sadness of it all still trips her up. This day brings the pain to the front of her mind and emotions.

So, to the mom who doesn’t get the Mother’s Day that is deserved for whatever reason, you are still the most beautiful, fierce thing on the planet. You love like no human ever could. You fight in a category all your own. You are a mother despite the heartbreak, and with the ache in your heart and the weary in your bones, you keep moving, because that’s what moms do.

Happy Mother’s Day. To all the moms.

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