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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

She awakes with a smile, a laugh ready on her lips. Her hair wild, just like her momma’s.

He awakes with whispers louder than his actual voice. His attempts at “quiet” bring sighs and laughs. He is ready to take the day.

His brother awakes alive, ready to run. Ready to live.

They move fast, leaving fingerprints on freshly painted walls.

Trails of where they have been.

They scream loud, leaving echoes of childhood buried deep in the walls.

They laugh without inhibition. Giggles only so true when fully innocent.

They swim in bathtubs, imagining worlds we are no longer privy to.

They are loud and loving and let it be long, God, this thing called childhood.

They leave their mark on my heart every single step of the way, changing it always. The heart is never a stagnant thing. When it is given so fully to others, it is no longer it’s own. Mine belongs to them fully, and they change it without my permission. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

For they have gifted me true love.

They have taught me courage. They embody sacrificial love, never a second thought of my life for theirs.

They have softened my heart in the places it had ceased beating.

Their names etched forever. My precious 3. I love you so.

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