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Remember Me Like This

Remember me like this.

Finally resting after a long day of working in the sun, muscles tired from the labor of a woman who keeps every single piece of the house whole. Sweat soaking into clothes, dirty hands, and satisfying accomplishments.

Remember me like this, the woman who loved you so much more than you ever knew, resting in the warmth of the fire her hands built. Her ears full with the voices of children ringing out in the night sky, loud and uninhibited in their freedom.

Remember me like this.

A hot cup of tea warming me from my hands all the way to my heart.

Remember the scream of the black and gold kettle as the water was brought to its boiling point, the steady quick fall of her feet as she rushed to remove the pot from the heat and quiet the high pitched whistle.

Remember me like this, resting under the dark sky in the place she lost herself for so that you grew within a nest of safety and fell into a bed of peace. So that you knew the meaning of home.

Remember me in the white light of the great moon as the song of night gently harmonized with the crackle of fire, and the smoke drifted into the stars.

Remember me just as I was in this beautifully broken world that I dusted my corner of with light and love so strong it was hard to look at. Remember my laughter and contentedness in the awful pain. In my loss and love, my smile beaming behind a cheek washed with tears.

Remember that I never gave up and never settled down, wings taking off in flight, always wanting to show you the world. Remember that I loved you enough to try and repair my constant failures.

Remember me just like this, as you look at me in the place of a million stars and notes singing in my heart. Moonbeams on my hair. Fire glistening in my green eyes. Dreams forever stirring within.

My children, remember me just like this.


#remembermelikethis #iloveyoumorethanyoulleverknow

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