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Little One

Updated: May 25, 2020

Hold on, little one.  One hand in mine, your tangible human protector, and the other in the hand of a strong Father who holds the universe together yet loves every part of you.  The world is bumpy and violent.  The world is large and wide, but His hand will never let you fall.  Hold on, little one.

Breathe deep, little one.  Don’t miss the beauty all around you. Never forsake the gift of breath in your lungs and health in your body.  Keep your eyes open and your head up, aware of the beautiful gift of life all around you.  Breathe deep, little one.

Run fast, little one.  Stretch your arms out and move your steps longer and longer until your breath runs short.  There are trails abundant, mountains high, rivers wide, and people of all colors and cultures and languages that will teach you more than I can tell and will show you God’s heart for all of humanity. Run fast, little one.

Sing loud, little one.  Lift a voice of praise to the Father who is worthy.  Whether a beat behind or perfectly on pitch, sing loud.  Lift hands in surrender and knees bent in awe of a Father whose love will flatten you.  Sing loud, little one.

Cry, little one.  Cry, for tears are an overflow of your precious heart.  God gave you water to refresh and clean and live, and the water of your tears is no less important.  The world hurts, and your tears are a way to heal.  Cry, little one.  

Believe, little one.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in your value and your immeasurable worth.  Believe in how very much you are loved.  Believe in your purpose.  Believe in the love of a Father who before time knew the paths of your fingerprints and the soles of your feet.  Believe in a precious Savior who died to give you life and a God who created you with firm intention.  Believe in the solidness of a mother who will love you always.  No matter what.  Until the end of time.  Believe in light.  Believe that though the world can seem dark, light can always be found.  Believe, little one.

Forgive, little one.  People will hurt you.  Forgive them anyway.  The bondage of unforgiveness will not hurt them one bit, only you.  I promise.  Forgive, little one. 

Pray, little one.  Pray with both whispers and shouts.  Pray through joy, pain, suffering, and blessings.  Pray when you have the words, and pray when you do not.  Pray when there are no sounds to utter and when it is the last thing you want to do.  Let your muttering only be to the Father who is always listening.  Pray, little one.  

Love, little one, for the greatest of these is love.  Love through pain and joy, heartache and elation.  Love first because He loves us so.  Love people always, but with your heart, love wisely.  Do not give it away lightly, for the heart is a precious thing that once altered can never be returned fully.  Even so, love. God will show you how.  Love, little one.  For you yourself are so wholly and completely loved. 


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