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Updated: Jun 29, 2023

She took a walk in the dark and fell hard into a bed of stars.

As she landed, she cracked wide open, all of her shattering into a million pieces. As she caught her breath, eyelids fluttering slowly to see life again, she began to notice radiant light seeping through the cracks in her bones. The most broken pieces were now lit up from inside out.

For the stars had now spread their ember wings like vines through her veins, filling the barren spaces as she took flight in their luminous beauty. They covered her like a blanket, gifting her with their warmth.

She quieted her pain for a moment, listening closely. She shushed the heartbreak as best as she could, and when she did she heard the song of the universe sing all around her. Her soul hummed deep within to the most beautiful harmony of enduring love and courage that wouldn’t quit, and her body swayed to the music of the light that would not be quieted as she lay broken and cracked among the blackest of nights.

The song of the night spanned the length of her. The notes sank so deeply into her marrow, allowing her to finally understand the truth of the stars as she listened to their gentle whisper on her skin.

Darkness is our deepest home, but it is the only place we are allowed to shine.

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