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It Broke You

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

For it broke you. 

The tenderness of your own soul. 

The hand that was your very own that reached upon your heavy shoulder and said “Let go.” 

The whisper of your own voice that knew all along. 

This brokenness in you.

This darkness in you. 

This pain in you. 

It is just a piece of the goodness that makes you whole. 

You grasped at the safety that could never be given by any but your own soft soul. 

Your own kind eyes, looking with gentless at the aftermath and the shattered pieces of you in the mirror. 

Tears washing them clean, making them shine. 

This brokenness cannot last forever, for every star that fades into the universe has a galaxy behind it to light up the sky once more. 

For it broke you.

This love that was so much bigger than your small body could contain. But it taught you, this life changing pain, to strip your world bare to skin and bones and see what remained.  

And what else remained, but you?  What was left except bone deep love that makes life worth living, true and pure and deep? What remained but a strong soul who could still somehow find the bloom of new life? A woman who knows equal parts dark and light.  A woman who had a hole blown straight through her yet chose to fill it with grace and hope and love and beauty and laughter despite having no reason to. 

A woman who chases the light so her children can know the warmth of the sun. 

So, go.  Chase the sun.  The warmth is so worth it.  


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