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Do This in Remembrance of Me

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

The stars begin to peak out, a slow blinking, one by one.  Then all alive at once, dancing overhead. The only streetlight known to any person alive.  There is a chill that comes as the sun says goodbye. A cloak pulled tighter around shoulders. The night feels alive, ready to spark. There is something coming. Someone waiting. A darkness the stars can not illuminate.  The dust on the ground, kicked in small puffs with each quiet step, clinging to the tattered ends of robes. The smell of smoke and lamb.  Seasoned to perfection, an art that has been crafted over generations.  

He enters gently.  Feet landing one step at a time, climbing the stairway to the upper room.  A heart heavy, a heart we can never comprehend. He looks at the prepared lamb, knowing full well He will be compared to one until the end of time.  He knows. He sees it all. He closes his eyes and smells the aroma of sacrifice and looks with heavy, knowing eyes on those He loves so well. Even the one who would break His heart.  A child can never lose the love of the one who bore them, no matter how they hurt. And these men, they still can’t comprehend who they sit in the presence of. 

“Bring the basin to me.”  His statement bringing the argument of who is lowest to a decided halt.  It would be Him, of course. He kneels. He washes the dirty. The feet of sinners suddenly clean after being touched by the hands of a man who will change the entire world in a matter of days.  

He sees all of humanity from this day forward breaking the bread, drinking the wine.  “Do this in remembrance of me.” The Most Royal King knowing that with the remembrance comes healing and peace.  He sees the heart filled with doubt, with pain, with shame, and He answers it with “remember me”. Remember this night. Remember how very much you are loved.  Remember the depths I will soon go to so that you never have to doubt again. Bring to mind this priceless gift because I have chosen you.

He eats. He drinks. His smile meeting each person there.  It is radiant and sad. The waves of understanding creeping up as He swallows the very lamb His hands created.  The meal finished. A conversation with Peter. An exchange where He sees the hurt and pride welling up in the man but knowing the very words tonight will be the ones that Peter will stand upon and build His church for the rest of time.  A calling solidified in a matter of minutes. And He knows all His children need is one moment of conversation with Him to change every single thing forever.

The only one in the room to notice Judas suddenly gone.  An awareness that it has started. Go. Do what you have to do.  A piece of His heart leaves the room with the one who would forever be remembered for his kiss of death and betrayal.  A son formed out of love just like the others, but one who could not see the beautiful treasure in front of his very eyes.  A son who learned too late that his hope had been placed in all the wrong things. The beautiful King watches it all. Knowing it all.

His feet grow heavy as he leaves.  He knows the night holds a dark truth.  He knows the hours ahead will literally break Him to pieces.  Pain is coming that should never be endured. Humiliation. He knows what’s coming.  He can already feel the eyes of His precious mother watching it all, and this adds to the sickness growing in his very being.  The taste of the lamb and wine fresh on his tongue, and his heart begins to ache in a way only known to humans. The coming nearly killing Him.  Father, please. Please, Daddy. But, if it must be so, let it be so. With blurred vision He looks down to see spots of red on the ground, drops of blood pouring from His skin.  The dust stained red with the blood of the God who formed it.  

And this beautiful King.  This beautiful, precious, strong, mighty King.  How did He do it? Why does He love us so?  It is a love that brings me to my knees. It is a love that stains everything, leaving no stone unturned.  It is a love that covers every part of me. What a precious, precious King. For all of my days, I will never really understand it. But, I will fall into Your arms over and over and over and over.  And in those strong, gentle arms is everything I need. Passover Lamb, the sacrifice I will spend my days remembering.

“This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.”

Luke 22: 19

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