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Be Brave

Be brave, the voice whispered.  

Quietly, it roared.  

Be brave, her voice clear.  Steady and strong.

You have what it takes.  You are enough. 

Be brave, the sun sang.  High in the clouds behind the veil of tears.

Be brave, the voice whispered.

Whispering gently but loud enough to birth strength and forge a new path.

A road paved anew; the digging of new ground to plant the life she so desired.

The former one she dared to dream of painfully stolen from her, ripped out from underneath her feet, taking her heart down with it.

Be brave, the voice urged.

Remember what you have already survived. Never forget all that you have been through, how it did not break you when it should have. Remember how you faced everything, eyes steady on the thing that intended to kill you.  Courage you never knew you had. It’s still inside of you. It never left.

Look close. The pieces of you scattered from this great shattering are still so beautiful, so worth loving.

Be brave, the voice whispered steadily. 

And her heart heard the whisper, and it planted enough fortitude to move her feet.  If only for today, she remembered her worth and courage again.  Be brave, sweet girl.  You are so much stronger than you know.  

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