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All The Time

Sometimes we choose less to gain.  Sometimes we choose steps away from what we thought would be safety in order to finally find peace.

Sometimes we swallow failure and find purpose.

Sometimes we break apart to find steel underneath the broken.

Sometimes life has to beat us up only to unravel the bandages of God.

Sometimes our choices lead to our pain, but sometimes we are hit sideways by the choices of others.  Sometimes over and over.  And sometimes we have to learn the beauty of walking away. 

Sometimes the pain is too hard to bear, and sometimes we collapse under it.

Sometimes the news we never wanted comes.  Life altered forever.  A scar now etched in our soul.

Sometimes we are hit hard by the world, the randomness of a terrible thing falling on our shoulders and dropping into our lap.

All the time, God is there.

All the time, God is abundant in His blessings, even when we have to force ourselves to search for them.

All the time, God has a plan, an intricate weaving of His mercy and grace and compassion on His children.

All the time, He cares. 

All the time, He knew what was coming, and awaited your cry, ready to dry the falling tears.

All the time, His resources are available.  Quick at hand, on the page of a Book that breathes.  In the whisper of stillness.  

All the time, He binds the wounds.  Heals the broken-hearted. Mends the torn. Refreshes the weary.

All the time He never leaves us, never forsakes, for how could He give up on His children?

All the time, God, all the time.

“...I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you...” 

Hebrews 13:5

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